NSF IUCRC ASIC Planning Meeting

Aug 22

This event has passed.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

All Day

Registration Site: asic.nd.edu

Meeting Format and Organization

This planning meeting will be one and half days long and follow the format of NSF IUCRC Bootcamp with the typical planning grant agenda. An Alternative Computing Forum is scheduled before the planning meeting to discuss the future direction and technology focuses of non-conventional computing platforms, e.g., neuromorphic computing. The key staff and presenters currently include the center director, deputy directors, site directors, co-directors, faculty members, students, and NSF program directors and evaluators. Top researchers in this research area are also invited to present in the forum.
Draft Agenda.

The tentative agenda includes: Welcome Remarks, Vision, Capabilities and Value Proposition of the ASIC Center, NSF IUCRC Presentation, Project Proposal Presentations and Feedback of Level of Interest Form Evaluation (LIFE) after each presentation, Industry Workshop, LIFE FORM Review and Discussion, Center Response to Feedback from Industry Workshop, NSF Closed Session with Industry, and Next Steps, Action Items & Closing Remarks, etc.

The completion of the planning activities will lead to a successful proposal for the Phase I of the NSF IUCRC Center for Alternative Sustainable and Intelligent Computing (ASIC), which integrates the complementary yet unique efforts and expertise’s across three campuses as well as potentially more than 30 industry and government members.