Kick-off Meeting: Center for Alternative Sustainable and Intelligent Computing (ASIC)

Feb 14

This event has passed.

Thursday, February 14, 2019 to Friday, February 15, 2019

All Day

This year's kick-off meeting of ASIC will be held at the atrium of Chesterfield building as shown below.

Chesterfield Atrium

Event pictures are availabe on dropbox:…


Day1 and Day2 meeting will be held in Chesterfield Building on February. 14-15, 2019 

701 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701, USA

Day 0: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

7:00 PM   Reception, Location: The Durham Hotel (315 E. CHAPEL HILL ST, DURHAM)

Day 1: Thursday, February 14, 2019 

7:30 AM    Registration, Continental Breakfast, Networking Time

8:00 AM    Group Photo

8:05 AM    Welcoming Remarks: 

                  Vice Provost for Research (Lawrence Carin), and Dean (Ravi Bellamkonda)

8:20 AM    Center Operations and Center Research Themes (Yiran Chen, Center Director)

9:00 AM    Notre Dame Site (Yiyu Shi, Site Director)

9:10 AM    Syracuse Site (Qinru Qiu, Site Director)

9:20 AM    NSF I/UCRC Presentation 

                  (Dmitri Perkins, NSF Program Director, and Dee Hoffman, Assessment Coordinator)

10:05 AM  Coffee Break

Research Thrust 1: Efficient Neural Network Design

10:20 AM  Project #1: Advanced network pruning and quantization (Wei Wen)

10:40 AM  Project #2: Fine-grained quantization for deep neural networks and its interpretation (Hsin-Pai Cheng)

11:00 AM  Project #3: Representation power of quantized neural networks: from the complexity        bound to the insight (Yukun Ding)

11:20 AM  Project #4: Biologically plausible spike-domain backpropagation for in-hardware learning (Qinru Qiu)

11:40 AM  Project #5: Attribute-based object localization (Krittaphat Pugdeethosapol)                

12 minute presentation, 4 minutes Q&A, 4 minutes LIFE form completion

12:00 PM   Lunch

Research Thrust 2: Computing Platform and Architecture

1:00 PM    Project #6: Fast prediction for UAV traffic/communication in a metropolitan area (Ziyi Zhao)

1:20 PM    Project #7: Versatile, privacy-preserving, and efficient cloud-edge image rendering (Yiran Chen)

1:40 AM    Project #8: Intelligent P-QRS-T peak detection for ultra-Low power implantable         devices (Boyang Li)

Research Thrust 3: Efficient Applications of Neural Networks

2:00 PM    Project #9: Guide for hybrid quantization of deconvolution-based generators (Jinglan Liu)

2:20 PM    Project #10: Machine learning for datacenter performance scheduling (Ben Lee)

2:40 PM    Project #11:Hybrid parallelism and communication methods for decentralized DNN training (Hai Li)

3:00 PM    Coffee Break

3:20 PM    Description of Evening and Day 2 Activities (Yiran Chen, Center Director)

3:30 PM    IAB Organizational Meeting and Formative Discussion 

                  (attendance restricted to NSF and IAB members) 

  • Impressions of day 1
  • Day 2 project voting process
  • Project management & mentoring framework for selected projects
  • Election of IAB Chair and Chair-Elect (secretary)


4:55 PM    Poster Session–light refreshments will be served

6:25 PM    Adjourn. Travel directly to restaurant.

6:45 PM    Dinner at Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club

Day 2: Friday, February 15, 2019

7:30 AM   Meeting room opens (coffee will be available)

8:00 AM    LIFE form review and discussion 

                 (all participants, at IAB discretion - led by Dee Hoffman)

9:30 AM    IAB meeting (attendance restricted to NSF and IAB)

  • Discussion of proposed projects
  • Voting and discussion of results
  • Formulation of funding recommendation to center leadership
  • Finalize discussion of topics started at Day 1 formative IAB meeting
  • Modification to membership agreement and bylaw 

10:45 AM   Coffee Break

11:00 AM   IAB report and discussion (attendance restricted to center and site directors, NSF, IAB)

11:30 AM   Action items and plans for next meeting (attendance restricted as above)

11:50 AM   Summary and closing remarks (Yiran Chen and Dmitri Perkins)

12:00 PM   Adjourn, box lunches provided

12:40 PM  Travel directly to Duke Gardens

1:00 PM     Duke Gardens Tour (about 1 hour) at 420 Anderson St, Durham, NC 27708, USA