2023 February Annual Meeting

Feb 22

This event has passed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 to Thursday, February 23, 2023

9:30 am – 12:00 pm





Location: The Forest History Society

Address: 2925 Academy Road, Durham, NC 27705

Day 1: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

9:30 AM                Welcoming Remarks (Yiran Chen, Center Director)

9:35 AM                ASIC Roadmap and Phase 2 Proposal (Yiran Chen, Center Director)

10:00 AM             Report of Notre Dame Site (Yiyu Shi, Site Director)

10:05 AM             Report of Syracuse Site (Qinru Qiu, Site Director)

10:10 AM             Report of IAB (Eric Zeng, IAB Chair)

10:15AM               Remarks from Todd Abraham, NSF Evaluator

Project Reports and Airtable Evaluations – Part I

9 minute presentation, 3 minutes Q&A, 3 minutes Airtable form completion


10:20 AM              Joint Process of Multimodal Sequential Vital Signal for Real-time Analysis
(Yiran Chen, Qijia Huang Duke)

10:35 AM              A Practical Semi-Asynchronous Federated Learning System (Hai Li, Duke)                                        

10:50 AM              Accelerating Graph-Traversal-Based Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Through Near Data Processing (Yiran Chen, Yitu Wang, Duke)

11:05 AM              Joint Optimization of Computation and Memory for Deep Learning on
Disaggregated Memory Systems (Mingyuan Ma, Haoxuan Shan, Shiyu Li, Yiran Chen, Duke)

11:20 AM              Personalized Meta-Federated Learning for IoT-Enabled Health Monitoring
(Yiyu Shi, Notre Dame)

11:35 AM             Device Uncertainty Aware Co-Exploration for Computing-in-Memory Neural
Accelerators (Zheyu Yan, Yiyu Shi, Notre Dame)

11:50 PM              In-hardware Real-time Learning of Spatiotemporal Spiking Neural Networks
(Zhenhang Zhang, Jingang Jin, Qinru Qiu, Syracuse)


12:05 PM              Architecture and tools for multi-processing processing in Racetrack and other memories (Alex K. Jones, Jingtong Hu, and Sanjukta Bhanja, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Florida)


12:20 PM              Lunch at The Forest History Society

Project Reports and Airtable Evaluations – Part II

1:15 PM                Cross-Layer Optimization for Container-Native SSDs (Xiangqun Zhang, Bryan S. Kim, Syracuse)

1:30 PM                Unsupervised Predictive Learning for Object Recognition and Attention
(Jiayang Liu, Yiming Bu, Qinru Qiu, Syracuse)

1:45 PM                A Predictive Control Framework for UAS Trajectory Planning Considering 4G/5G
Communication Link Quality
(Rui Zuo, Zixi Wang, Chen Luo, Cenk Gursoy, Carlos Caicedo, Qinru Qiu, Syracuse)



Proposed Project and Airtable Evaluations

2:00 PM                Biomedical signal processing with heterogeneous feature space (Qijia Huang, Jingwei Sun, Hai Li, Duke)

2:15 PM                Algorithm-Architecture Co-Design of Aggregating and Coordinating Data for
Federated AI with Near Data Processing (Yitu Wang, Duke)

2:30 PM                Leveraging Disaggregated Servers for Large-Scale AI Training Acceleration (Bryan S. Kim, Syracuse)

2:45 PM                Feasibility of One-Shot High-Capacity Learning (Garrett Katz, Syracuse)

3:00 PM                Break

3:15 PM                Predictive Attention for Energy Efficient Sensor Interface (Qinru Qiu, Syracuse)

3:30 PM                Efficient source-free federated unsupervised domain adaptation in multi-agent environment (Jianyi Zhang, Hai Li, Duke & Qinru Qiu, Syracuse)

3:45 PM                CXL-Enabled Processing-In-Memory (Shiyu Li, Duke)

4:00 PM                Backdoor Attack and Defense of NVM based In-Memory Computing (Yiyu Shi, Notre Dame)

4:15 PM                Communication-efficient personalized federated learning for health monitoring (Yiyu Shi, ND)

4:30 PM                Massively Parallel Acceleration for Matrix Operations and Hyperdimensional Computing (Duke [Pitt subcontract] Alex K. Jones, Jingtong Hu, Sanjukta Bhanja)

4:45 PM                Description of Day 2 Activities (Yiran Chen, Center Director) & Adjourn.


5:30 PM                Dinner at Parizade Mediterranean Restaurant

2200 W Main St, Durham, NC 27705


Day 2: Thursday, February 23, 2023

9:30 AM                Welcome Back and Day 1 Summary (Yiran Chen)

9:35 AM                Airtable Form Review and Discussion – Open Session (for all attendances)

10:30 AM             IAB Meeting (NSF, IAB members of 2023, center directors)


11:30 AM             NSF Closed Session with Industry (NSF and IAB)

12:00 PM              ADJOURN


Boxed Lunch Provided